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Services We Offer

From computers, phones, tablets, and everything in between, Computers R Us is your one stop shop for repairs in Atlanta.

Computer Repairs

Virus removal, data recovery, diagnostics, keyboard replacement, installation of hardware and software.

Phone Repairs

All cell phone repair offered. Screen replacement, data back up, virus removal, charging port replacement.

Tablet Repairs

All tablets considered for repair. Upgrades, diagnostics, virus removal, charging port replacement, and more.

And More

We can't possibly list everything that we offer. Please do not hesitate to reach out with your issue!

What Computers R Us Can Do For You

Computers R Us - Kennesaw Georgia

About Computers R Us

Damien Daigle established Computers R Us in 2014. Damien is a local resident of Kennesaw Georgia; he has over 13 years of experience and has worked at several big named authorized Apple service centers in Atlanta as well as a handful of computer repair centers in and around Atlanta.

Damien was confident he could provide the exact same service at a more reasonable price with the ability to give his clientele a more affable experience. He was correct: Computers R Us was born and Damien is doing what he loves and is determined to continue serving his community with exceptional services and unbeatable prices guaranteed.

What Computers R Us Offers

  • Cell Phone Repair – Data Phones Only
  • iPad/iPod/iPhones
  • Mac Computers Laptops/Desktops iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook, Mac Pro
  • PC Laptops/Desktops (Toshiba, Dell, Sony, HP, Acer, Gateway, Etc)
  • All Tablets
  • Virus Removal
  • Charging Port Replacement (DC Jack Repair)
  • On Site Service
  • Computer Training
  • Upgrades
  • Diagnostics
  • Data Back Up
  • Data Recovery
  • Screen Replacement
  • Consulting
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Networking
  • Installation Of Software/Hardware
  • Game Console
  • And SO Much More!
Computers R Us – Working Hours


Iphone 6 Glass Replaced - Before/After

Phone Repair

iPhone Glass/Digitizer and LCD/Screen Replaced

Iphone 5C Glass Replaced - Before/After

Phone Repair

iPhone Glass/Digitizer and LCD/Screen Replaced

iPad Glass Replacement - Before/After

Tablet Repair

iPad Glass/Digitizer Replacement

iMac Hard Drive Replacement - Before/After

Computer Repair

iMac Hard Drive Replacement

MacBook Top Case Replaced - Before/After

Computer Repair

MacBook Top Case Replaced

Samsung Note 8.0 Glass Replaced - Before/After

Tablet Repair

Samsung Note 8.0 Glass/Digitizer Replaced

iPad Mini Glass Replaced - Before/After

Tablet Repair

iPad Mini Digitizer/Glass Replaced

Galaxy S4 Glass Replaced - Before/After

Phone Repair

Galaxy S4 Glass Replaced

Galaxy S5 Glass Replaced - Before/After

Phone Repair

Galaxy S5 Glass Replaced

Charging Port Replaced - Before/After

Tablet Repair

Charging Port Replaced

Laptop LCD Replaced - Before/After

Computer Repair

Laptop LCD Replaced

iPhone Glass and Screen Replaced - Before/After

Phone Repair

iPhone Glass/Digitizer and LCD/Screen Replaced

Our happy clients


"Thank goodness for Damien and his soft heart for the average human! AKA someone who doesn't have much to spend on repairs! I SHATTERED my iPhone 5 screen and fixed it, no problem for $65 in just 15 minutes. Extremely happy to replace the screen and even explained the process. When it was returned repaired, it was like it never happened. He's awesome!"


"This guy is a treasure and a real find. Less than half the cost of others, flawless job, and in much less time than I expected. I dropped off an ipad with cracked screen, and it was finished in less than 50 minutes and looked and worked great. Nice guy, works out of his home, very personable, and a technical whiz. Keep him on your speed-dial!"



"Damien was extremely professional and kind. I dropped my galaxy s4 and cracked the entire screen. I called him Friday morning and by Friday afternoon it was repaired back to new. His prices are UNBEATABLE also - everyone else i called (day tech, CPR)) said it would be almost double what Damien had quoted me. I will recommend him to all my Co-workers and friends."


"This service is great!! My phone screen was shattered and had a chunk missing. The back of the phone was also cracked. I texted them, took my phone, and within 30 minutes had phone back! It looked new!! Would highly recommend this service. Price was significantly less than other quotes I received! Definitely would use again!!"



Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to fix my screen?

The cost of your repair is determined by the make and model of your device. Also, whether or not your LCD needs replacing can influence the cost. You may email, text, or call Computers R Us to inquire about specific pricing. Computers R Us is a family owned and run business and strives to provide our clientele with the most reasonable and fair cost for their repair.



What is the turn around time on repairs?

iPhone screen replacement turn around time is: 15-20 minutes.

iPod repairs turn around time is: 1 hour

Tablet repairs turn around time is: 1-2 hours

Computer repair turn around time is: 1-2 days

All other phone repair turn around time varies between 1-3 hours

Where are you located?

Computers R Us is located in Kennesaw at the intersection of Cherokee St. and McCollum Parkway. The physical address is 3600 Cherokee St NW, Suite 104 Kennesaw. Call if you have trouble finding our store.

How long is the warranty my repair?

Computers R Us offers a 6 month warranty on parts and labor for all i-Devices. All other mobile devices are accompanied by a 30 day warranty on parts and labor. In addition, all computer repair comes with a warranty that ranges from 90 days to 1 year. This warranty is contingent upon the specific repair performed.

How do I know if the LCD needs replacing?

The LCD is the part that displays the picture. The most conclusive way to determine whether or not your LCD needs replacing, as well as the top glass, is if your phone is no longer displaying the picture correctly.

What do I need to bring?

Computers R Us requests that you bring any essential charges or software that will assist in expediting your repair so that we may get you back up and running promptly.

What type of payments do you accept?

Computers R Us accepts cash, all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover) and PayPal payments. Unfortunately at this time we do not accept checks or money orders.

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